AutoRack 96 for 2D Barcoded Tubes

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AutoRack 96 - Automation Racks for 2D Tubes

  • Automation Compatible
  • Durable Construction
  • Compatible with 2D Barcode Readers
  • Twist Lock Rack for Screw Cap Tubes
    • Works with Automated Capper/Decappers
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Recyclable

Durable Construction for Long Term Freezer Storage – Reinforced wall construction and tube supports for long lasting performance.
Ultra-Flat – Ensures uniform liquid handling processing.
2D Barcode Scanning Compatible with all 96 tube rack 2D barcode scanners
Pre-Barcoded – Unique Matching barcodes on both sides of rack
Universal Compatibility – ANSI SLAS 1-2004 design is compatible automated liquid handling systems, Cappers & De-Cappers.
Rack Orientation – 2 sided barcodes and well ID, A1-H12, for proper rack orientation
Secure Lid – prevents tubes from spilling if dropped
Easy lid removal – Easy Grip base for quick lid removal
Meets Sustainability Goals – Reduce plastic by 100%
100% Recyclable - 100% Compostable

Packaging: 10 Racks/Pack

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