It is core to the mission of Scilutions to provide products that meet sustainability goals of our customers. Here are a few ways that we can help.

Zero Waste Manufacturing

At Scilutions, we utilize State of the Art injection molding technology that eliminates waste in the process.

Less Plastic - It starts with the design

In an effort to reduce plastic in our industry, using products that have less plastic helps meet those goals.  Finding the optimal balance of performance and materials is a part of all of our designs.


Whenever possible, we use plastics that can be recycled.  Currently all products produced can easily be recycled as #5 Polypropylene.


Scilutions is currently in development of products molded from Plant Based Polypropylene Resins for use in a variety of applications through a partnership with Global Plastic Manufacturing Groups.  This is a part of the effort to contribute to global sustainability efforts as a leader in plastic manufacturing.  [BioPlastics are plastics manufactured from biological and renewable resources such as vegetable fats and oils.]