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96 Well PCR Plate

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25.00 LBS
10 Plates/Sleeve, 10 Sleeves/Case

96-Well PCR Plates, Full Skirt

  • Thin Wall Design for rapid heat transfer
  • Optically Clear Polypropylene
  • Automation-friendly Rigid Full Skirt
  • High contrast printed letters and numerals for rapid sample identification
  • Single notch corner at H1
  • PCR Compatibility: MJ/Biorad, Eppendorf, Amersham/GE, Biometra, Esco, MWG, Stratagene, Takara, Techne, Thermo/Hybaid, Transgenomic
  • 100 Plates per Case; 10 Plates/Sleeve
  • Certified free from DNase, RNase and Human DNA